Mine to Mine®

SABIRTH is dedicated to managing the provenance and traceability of its rough diamonds since established in 2006, we offer “Mine to Mine®” which are sourced either directly from a known mine.
This is a significant step for diamond transparency and the diamond journey.
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SABIRTH is the "Made in Japan" diamond brand. The Japanese spirit of "pursuit the very best" is reflected. The diamonds used in SABIRTH are of highest quality, which are strictly selected. Each art pieces are designed by house designers that are highly-evaluated internationally, and it is manufactured sophisticatedly by skilled Japanese craftsmen.

Diamond, the rich resource of Southern Africa and Japanese aesthetic sense with technology has fused together.

Customers who see SABIRTH diamond will be overwhelmed by its dazzling brilliance and its exquisite work.


Beginning of life and the dawn of humanity. Southern Africa, land where the earth's memory is kept and has stored its mysterious power.

In 1866, a shining stone was found by a boy. The stone looked as if the energy of this land was filled into it. The miracle stone, arouse from hundred millions of years sleep, was named "EUREKA" (meaning "I have found it") and the story of the miracle diamonds starts.

"SABIRTH" a miracle diamond sent from Southern Africa.

Diamonds, created deep inside the earth, filled with energy of the earth. The rough stones' dazzling brilliance inside is waiting for a moment to arouse from its long sleep. After the ritual of polishing, released from its long sleep, first time ever it becomes an alluring stone shining brightly.

"SABIRTH" in each single piece, energy of Southern Africa is inscribed.

The trajectory story of the precious miracle stone meeting you. This story eloquently narrates the value of the diamond you wear. From Southern Africa to You. From You to Your Beloved. "SABIRTH" forever draws the brilliant trajectory.

* is a scientific notation meaning "birth".


Southern Africa, starting South Africa, is said to be a "home land of diamonds" and has produced number of big, high quality rough stones, through the ages.

Jwaneng Mine

Jwaneng is one of the biggest diamond mine located in mid-south of Botswana.
Since first found in 1967, it is famous for world's highest quality diamonds.

Cullinan Mine (Old Premier Mine)

It is famous for the locality of "Cullinan", the world biggest diamond.
Found in 1890, it produced more than 2million carats of diamond annually, in the beginning of the 20th century. It is a world leading diamond mine.

“Precious Stone”

SABIRTH's rough stones are directly supplied from Southern Africa (South Africa and Botswana), where big and high quality diamond rough stones concentrate. SABIRTH selects only rough stones that have fine composition, which will be polished carefully by skilled craftsmen by an exclusive process in Southern Africa's (South Africa and Botswana) local factory.

Those who see will be overwhelmed by the beautiful brilliance, the “Miracle Brilliance” it is said.


SABIRTH has an exceptional traceability system.
There is a laser print (MAX 10 digit number) on the girdle part of diamond over 0.17ct. By that number, polished date, the polisher, and other production records can be traced.
It delivers security and trust to customers.

Also, diamonds under 0.17ct used in SABIRTH jewelry, are strictly selected from best natural diamonds all over the world, starting Southern Africa (South Africa and Botswana).

SABIRTH is an ethical diamond.

In addition, as a Brand CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), SABIRTH is contributing to the society by developing jobs, improving social-infrastructure, and contributing to trade development through SA (Support Africa) Program.


August 1, 2013
JPY20 million
Ichiro Uchihara, President
Tokyo headquarters
7-2-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8518, Japan