TOP ニュース SA BIRTH GINZA x HELLO KITTY Jewelry Collaboration / Pre-orders start November 21 (Thurs.)


SA BIRTH GINZA x HELLO KITTY Jewelry Collaboration / Pre-orders start November 21 (Thurs.)

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The SA BIRTH GINZA Ginza Main Store will begin accepting pre-orders for their new jewelry collaboration with Hello Kitty (character by Sanrio Co., Ltd.) on November 21 (Thurs.), 2019. Pre-sale of the collection will begin January 3 (Fri.), 2020, at the SA BIRTH GINZA Ginza Main Store. 
The collaboration is based on the concept of “the mature yet cute, ageless woman,” with the diamonds created for “women that wish to captivate, always.” A special collaboration to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Hello Kitty this year.

The collection offers necklaces, rings, and ear cuffs designed around the Hello Kitty ribbon (a Hello Kitty symbol), daily-wear jewelry including necklaces modeled on Hello Kitty’s face, and a luxury commemorative necklace, made with 20.20 carats of diamonds, and available for 20.2 million yen. The collection is comprised of five items total.


Pre-orders will open on November 21 (Thurs.), 2019, at the SA BIRTH GINZA Ginza Main Store


Pre-sale will begin January 3 (Fri.), 2020 at the SA BIRTH GINZA Ginza Main Store
*General sale for all SA BIRTH GINZA shops in Japan will begin late January.

Hello Kitty herself makes an appearance at 11/20 release event

Special luxury jewelry to commemorate the year 2020
Necklace made with 20.20 carats of diamonds, with 2.02 carats in large diamonds—high-quality, South African diamonds—for the ribbon portion. Hello Kitty’s clothing is also engraved with “2020” and the SA BIRTH GINZA logo. The design of Hello Kitty is also based on the year 2020, with a vibrant stance that looks as if she is taking a step forward.

Crafted through the high-level techniques and technologies of Japanese craftsmen
The body of Hello Kitty was created through a technique called pavé setting, which makes it look as if the body has been “paved” with diamonds. There is also another Hello Kitty hidden behind the top of the pendant. The necklace chain is approximately 70cm long and can be adjusted for different dress necklines, and the top of the pendant, approximately 7cm x 5cm, can be worn as a brooch as well.

Material: Platinum / K18 yellow gold, rose gold. Eyes and whiskers made of platinum with rhodium plating. Ribbon made of platinum with UV-cured color.
Price: 20,200,000 yen(Tax included)
Quantity: Limited to 1

Platinum Diamond Necklace
Necklace with a pendant that depicts Hello Kitty’s silhouette. Her relatively small form is accented by a single diamond.

Material: Platinum
Price: 98,000 yen(Tax excluded)
Quantity: Limited to 100

Platinum Diamond Necklace, Ring, and Ear Cuff
A necklace, ring, and ear cuffs based on the iconic Hello Kitty ribbon, available in a three-item set. Can be purchased separately.

Material: Platinum
Price: 125,000 yen/each(Tax excluded)
Quantity: Limited to 30 sets

*Products are currently under supervision, with design, etc. subject to change.

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